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Coronavirus: Crisis or Opportunity?

As we’re all coming to terms with the reality of what’s happening around us, I thought I would share some ponderings.

Most accounts that I’ve read say that the Coronavirus appears to originate from a wet market in Wuhan, China, and involves two animals: the pangolin, which is a kind of anteater, and a bat.

From a shamanic perspective, every animal embodies a specific “medicine” or attribute/s of consciousness, and any animal-human interaction can be understood as an intentional communication or teaching with us. The specific wisdom that they represent or embody is being shared as a gift to us.

In these native traditions, anteater medicine is solitude. Bat medicine is rebirth.

From another perspective, the coronavirus also significantly impacts the lungs and one’s ability to breathe, or “respirate.” From an energy therapy perspective, the lungs represent grief. The word “respiration” is the act of breathing, but also it was formerly used to denote relief from toil. Milton used the term in Paradise Lost.

I believe in the inherent benevolence of life. And I believe that this could be the most amazing and precious opportunity to birth a new way of living and being, individually and collectively, that we’ve seen in a very long time.

What if we each embraced this Evolutionary Medicine that is being tendered? To stop all the running around, the constant busy-ness and overscheduling? To not work so darn hard or so much?

What if instead, we became truly still, and quiet, and listened. To get to know ourselves deeply and intimately. To make our relationship with our Inner Being our top priority. To open to the Energy of Rebirth as it offers itself, ready to enter our systems. To consciously open to, align with, receive, and anchor the energies of love and evolution that are here for us. To listen to the Higher Wisdom that is poised, ready to make itself known deeply inside of you.

Let’s take a moment to step outside the fear and uncertainty, and consciously step into the quiet, still possibility that is here for us. This is not about returning to normal. It’s about evolving into our next higher expression of Life and Self.