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Covid Protocols

Now that I have resumed some in-person appointments, here are the guidelines that I’m following so you know what to expect when you come in:

What I’m Doing:

  • Staying healthy and taking my temperature on a regular basis. I will reschedule my session with you if I am exhibiting any sign of illness. I am happy to take my temperature when you arrive for reassurance. I will reschedule my session with you and isolate myself immediately if I knowingly come into contact with anyone who has Covid
  • Masks are now required in Dane County inside offices. Please wear your mask entering the building. Until further notice, we will both wear masks for the duration of your session.
  • For couch sessions, I have rearranged the furniture to accommodate us staying more than 6 feet apart. We are both sitting in front of open windows so there is plenty of fresh air circulating through the office.
  • For table sessions where there is any spoken collaboration, I will do my best to keep my distance. During the times there is not a need to speak, I will be closer than six feet. We will have the barrier of the sheet for my hand placements for the majority of your session. It is your preference whether I do hands on or work in your field for treating your head and face.
  • I’m scheduling 30 minutes in between each client to allow time for cleaning/disinfecting.
  • I am using a Hepa filtration system, and hospital grade cleaners. I am diligently following the protocols as outlined by CDC and State Government.
  • I’m placing a fresh sheet on the couch for each client.
  • I’m using all fresh sheets and linens on the table for each client, and cleaning the table itself after each use.
  • In between sessions I have fans that move the air from the room outside through the open windows.

What I’d like you to do:

  • Please reschedule your appointment if you are exhibiting any symptoms of illness.
  • Please wear your mask into the building, for the duration of your session, in the bathroom, and until you are back inside your car.
  • Please do not arrive early. Come straight from car to my office using the stairs. I recommend a tissue or paper towel to touch parking garage door button, door handles, and stairway rails.
  • When you arrive, I will be waiting for you just inside the door to my office. Please wash your hands at the sink outside my office door. I will have paper towels for you to dry your hands, and a garbage can to throw the paper towel away.
  • I will open and close the door to the office when you arrive and leave.
  • If you’re paying by check, please have the check already written out and place it on the table when you arrive. If you’re paying by credit or debit card, let’s make sure that I have all the updated information for you before your session.
  • For scheduling your next session, if you could be prepared with some times that are good, that will help us be as streamlined and efficient as possible. If it is preferred, I will text or email possible appointment times to you.
  • I can faithfully manage the cleanliness of my office and waiting room, but I have no way of monitoring the public restroom. I have been told that my building is “regularly cleaning and disinfecting” the bathrooms, but I really have no idea what exactly that means. If you want to be absolutely safe, avoid the restroom altogether. If you do use them, please be extra careful about the surfaces you touch, and wash your hands right away. I also have hand sanitizer in my waiting room and office for you to use.

What We Can Both Do:

  • Be aware, conscientious, thoughtful, and responsible. Err on the side of caution. Being proactive and vigilant is the most generous gift you can give to yourself and our community. Thank you!