Freedom from Alcohol Addiction

You are not a victim and you are not powerless. You are not lacking in moral character or willpower. In fact, you are powerful beyond measure.

Utilizing hypnotherapy, specific meditation techniques, and energy medicine protocols, we will align all the parts of your consciousness so that you are completely congruent with yourself and your intention to be alcohol-free.

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Freedom from Alcohol Addiction – dependence, or drinking too much

In this highly customized program, we will meet for twelve individual appointments to work with the parts of your brain that have been hijacked by alcohol: the nucleus accumbens, involved in dopamine reception and distribution — and your pre-frontal cortex, your higher functioning, planning, and decision-making center — to create new pathways and neural networks.

We will unplug your circuits from the addictive behavior and plug them instead into your LIFE. Into who you are without drinking. To put you back in touch with freedom, spaciousness, power, energy — and yes, even happiness.

We will do this while minimizing your physical, emotional and mental discomfort. And curtailing the dreaded insurmountable deal-breaker of missing out or depriving yourself. This is not about white knuckling or brute force. This is about transforming the desire itself.

This program creates change from the inside out, working from the world of cause, not the world of effect. It will create a tectonic shift of the groundwork of your being so that you no longer have the desire to drink. Like you never even had the desire to drink. Like that experience was a lifetime ago.

“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.
~ John Milton

Why is this approach different?

The latest research says that addiction is primarily a disease of the brain. Through repeated use of an addictive substance, our nucleus accumbens, or “pleasure center,” is flooded with dopamine, the chemical associated with good feelings.

But it is more than that. It is also a “dis-ease” of the incongruency of our conscious self, with our subconscious and unconscious selves.

Until there is agreement among these levels of our consciousness, we will continue to be at war with ourselves. The conscious part of us may absolutely want nothing more than to stop, certain of the havoc that drinking is creating. But the other parts may not because they still believe that the drink is relaxing you, helping you unwind or fit in, check out, or be the life of the party. Everybody believes different things for different reasons.

With addiction, you know, but you don’t know. You become a master at spinning stories to yourself, rationalizing, and justifying. Because you don’t know what else to do or how to do it.

Merging the latest research in addiction medicine and neuropsychology, this energy therapy program offers a step-by-step rewiring of your brain while simultaneously aligning all levels of your consciousness.

Through this process, you can align your conscious, subconscious and unconscious, with your brain circuits, nervous system, electromagnetic and physical bodies, and Inner Being to all work together for you to be alcohol free.

It is excruciatingly exhausting trying to continuously adjust the sails from the winds of addiction. Instead of adjusting the sails, this program realigns the winds, so that your boat sails in the direction you want it to go.

This program is about creating leverage: instead of trying to resist what you don’t want, you will orchestrate all the parts of you to work together to create what you do want.

  • Session 1. Reprogram the Unconscious
  • Session 2. Reprogram the Subconscious
  • Session 3. Evolve the Brain
  • Session 4. Transform the Inner Saboteur
  • Session 5. Feelings and Identities
  • Session 6. Surrendering: Relax and Let Go
  • Session 7. Heal your Body
  • Session 8. Uplift Depression
  • Session 9. Calm Anxiety
  • Session 10. Who Am I Without It?
  • Session 11: Integration
  • Session 12: Stabilization in Core

Each session comes with a hypnotherapy/guided meditation/energy protocol to continue to strengthen the mind/body/brain alignment that we create together during your appointment.

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What Others Are Saying

“How do you say thank you to someone that saved your life? I was filled with shame and feeling hopeless when I contacted Mary. I had tried all the normal routes but nothing worked for me. Mary’s program is revolutionary. She tapped into whatever it was inside me that made me unable to change my circumstances and changed them. I can’t quite explain how it happened, but I started to feel what I would describe as the magnetic grips of my dependence start to loosen, becoming less and less tight and constricting, letting go of me. I started to feel an interior space, that gradually keep increasing, until it became just the feeling of me, filled with peace. I have no desire to ever go back.” Katherine F.

Why this Program?

If you’re reading this, there is something I want to know about yourself:  you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

Alcohol dependence is an insidious and slippery slope, and very often the anguish it causes is experienced in solitude, cloaked in secrecy. If you find yourself in its grips, you are very likely an exceptionally sensitive, creative, and accomplished person.

The whole reason I put this program together is because I have experienced the damage that it causes to the most incredible, intelligent, and aware people. I have lost two people that were very important to me. Amazing people. “Spiritual” people. Artistic, thoughtful, capable and wonderful people.

Their loss compelled me to understand everything that I could about exactly what happened to them so that just maybe it wouldn’t have to happen to anyone else. So I spent a lot of time studying, meditating, researching, and reading.

I believe this program to be the absolute best approach to freeing you from your private suffering.

As you know, no one can make anyone do anything they don’t want, or aren’t ready, to do. But if you are ready, if you genuinely are tired of living on the hampster wheel, this program may be what you’ve been asking for.