Freedom from Alcohol Addiction



Solitude and Rebirth

A meditation immersion

4 Tuesdays, 5:30-6:45 pm

April 28 – May 19


As we’re all coming to terms with the reality of what’s happening around us, I thought I would share some ponderings.

The Coronavirus appears to originate from a wet market in Wuhan, China, and from what I have read so far, involves two animals:  the pangolin, which is a kind of anteater, and a bat.

From a shamanic perspective, every animal embodies a specific “medicine” or attribute/s of consciousness, and any animal-human interaction can be understood as an intentional communication or teaching with us. The specific wisdom that they represent or embody is being shared as a gift to us.

In these native traditions, anteater medicine is solitude. Bat medicine is rebirth.

Please join me for a special four-week meditation class to honor the Medicine that is being tendered. We will embrace the Stillness and open to the Energy of Rebirth as it offers itself, ready to enter our systems. We will consciously open to, align with, receive, and anchor the energies of love and evolution that are here for us. We will listen to the Higher Wisdom that will make itself known deeply inside of you.

What Others Are Saying

“How do you say thank you to someone that saved your life? I was filled with shame and feeling hopeless when I contacted Mary. I had tried all the normal routes but nothing worked for me. Mary’s program is revolutionary. She tapped into whatever it was inside me that made me unable to change my circumstances and changed them. I can’t quite explain how it happened, but I started to feel what I would describe as the magnetic grips of my dependence start to loosen, becoming less and less tight and constricting, letting go of me. I started to feel an interior space, that gradually keep increasing, until it became just the feeling of me, filled with peace. I have no desire to ever go back.” Katherine F.

Why this Program?

If you’re reading this, there is something I want to know about yourself:  you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

Alcohol dependence is an insidious and slippery slope, and very often the anguish it causes is experienced in solitude, cloaked in secrecy. If you find yourself in its grips, you are very likely an exceptionally sensitive, creative, and accomplished person.

The whole reason I put this program together is because I have experienced the damage that it causes to the most incredible, intelligent, and aware people. I have lost two people that were very important to me. Amazing people. “Spiritual” people. Artistic, thoughtful, capable and wonderful people.

Their loss compelled me to understand everything that I could about exactly what happened to them so that just maybe it wouldn’t have to happen to anyone else. So I spent a lot of time studying, meditating, researching, and reading.

I believe this program to be the absolute best approach to freeing you from your private suffering.

As you know, no one can make anyone do anything they don’t want, or aren’t ready, to do. But if you are ready, if you genuinely are tired of living on the hampster wheel, this program may be what you’ve been asking for.