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The Magnificent Living Institute

Mary Preuss

Founder of The Magnificent Living Institute, Mary Preuss is an energy therapist, educator, and author who has offered personal sessions and trainings in meditation, energy medicine, and personal and spiritual development since 1994.

Mary has created more than 20 programs in intuitive development, energy medicine, and personal and spiritual transformation, and has taught extensively through the University of Wisconsin continuing education department. She is the author of Reiki in Evolution: A Healer’s Guide, Transforming an Ancient Practice into Contemporary Energy Medicine. Her recordings include the Magnificent Meditations series, six meditation CDs for creating health, relaxation, joy, prosperity, empowerment and evolution, and The Goddess Energy: Self Love and Creation.

Mary holds certifications as a Reiki Master Teacher, Master in Practice and Certified Teacher of The EMF Balancing Technique®, in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Transpersonal Counseling. She has training in more than two dozen diverse energy modalities and systems, and has over 30 years of experience working with the human energy field. Her work weaves ancient and esoteric practices of the east with the leading edge perspectives from the west.

Mary’s professional background includes ten years in Chicago where she worked in both non-profit and agency settings, including The Lincoln Park Zoological Society.


We are at a pivotal time in our evolution where the traditional ways of healing and navigating our lives are shifting. Established societal institutions and hierarchical spiritual models are crumbling before our eyes. Our brains and nervous systems were not designed to process the constant onslaught of distractions and technology that surrounds us.

We can adapt, and we must. We can create new neural maps and new ways of intentionally collaborating with the larger forces of change that are upon us. We can consciously rewire our brain circuitry and energy systems to move into a higher octave of ourselves.

All of my work is designed to do just that.

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