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Guided Meditations & Spiritual Development Programs

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Individual Meditation Downloads

Yoga Nidra:  Inner Peace and Freedom

Known as “yogic sleep,” this guided journey of the inner senses, the breath, and body awareness, cultivates deep internal surrender, and gently and systematically guides you down into the state of Deep Rest and Inner Peace. From this refined and expanded state of consciousness, you will find yourself in a safe and comfortable place where a Being Who Loves You Completely shares a special experience with you. $7 Purchase and Download.


Deep Relaxation and Healing:  Blue Medicine Buddha

Be transported to a special healing place deep in the sacred center of your being, letting all tension and resistance melt away, as warm, healing waves of relaxation flow into you at every level of your being. From this deeply relaxed and open state, the Blue Medicine Buddha will share special healing herbs and energy medicines with the intent for you “to be free from pain, disease, and suffering, and embody complete wholeness and peace.”  $7 Purchase and Download

Birthing Anew from the Blue

Rest in the sphere of electromagnetic fundamental energy, the primal vibration of creation, and allow “what is” or any attribute or condition that you do not prefer to dissolve. Access the frequency of “perfect for you,” completely and harmoniously synchronizing with it. Allow a tiny crystalline seed to form, grow, and multiply into your new healthy, balanced body, with only the frequency and conditions of what you prefer.  $7 Purchase and Download





Benefits of Meditation

Neuroscience shows us that when we meditate, intentionally running specific scenarios through our frontal lobe, we assemble new neural nets to fire in different sequences, combinations and patterns, thus creating a new level of mind.

 The repetitive firing and wiring of these new neural networks makes stronger, more lasting synaptic connections that create the new experience. In other words, what you focus on through repetition is what you create.

These meditations help you release stress, heal your body, connect to your Higher Mind, balance, align and evolve your energy system, explore your inner realms of consciousness, and feel really good.

CDs with multiple meditations are $18 as a digital download in MP3 format. Individual meditation downloads are $10.00.

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