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One-on-One with Mary

Reiki Healing and Energy Therapy/Counseling
Sacred Circuits Energy Therapy for Spiritual Recovery
In-person and Virtual

“Mary Preuss is a master at what she does. I accomplished more in a few sessions with her than with years of traditional therapy and other approaches. I recommend her to everyone.”

Katherine Forrest, Evanston, IL

Energy Therapy/Counseling

These hybrid sessions combine transformational healing and counseling in a co-creative process that allows us to locate, process, and release the root cause of your distress, address and transform the mental and emotional impact from it, and reclaim your power and spirit so that you may be free of its defining imprint on you.

When healing occurs at this deepest level of self, it then flows outward into all the other levels and dimensions of your being, infusing your new truth into every cell and every tissue. This allows you to fully inhabit yourself with this healthier and more powerful vibrational, emotional, and physical reality.

I’ve seen this approach do absolutely incredible things for people. I’ve seen it set them free.

75-minute Office/$160



“I came to see Mary after a terrible divorce, a move across the country, and a persistent feeling of anxiety, like I couldn’t just relax and be myself. I saw many wonderful therapists over the years, but I still felt an underlying restlessness and sadness that never seemed to go away no matter what I tried. Mary was able to identify the source of these feelings pretty much right away, and helped me to transform them in a way that no one else could.

I feel so much lighter after working with Mary. I always thought I would just have to live with these uncomfortable, nagging feelings, but I now have the experience of just simply not being burdened by them anymore.

I highly recommend Mary if you are looking for someone extremely knowledgeable, tuned-in, and skilled, who’s also just a warm and wonderful person.”

Isabelle C.

Reiki Healing

If you’re exhausted or burned out, dealing with chronic pain or illness, or just feel blocked or disconnected from yourself, these healing sessions open the channels to allow the Flow of Who-You-Really-Are to envelop you in relief, comfort and well-being, fill you with peace, wisdom and clarity, and tend to you at every level of your being for your Highest Good.

Office/75 minutes/$160




These sessions are for former or current students in Mary’s training programs and those in the healing arts field who want to fine-tune their skills or receive guidance or feedback on a personal or professional issue.

Office or Zoom

45 minutes/$160.


“Mary’s insight and skills have benefited me several times over the last few years. Recently I contacted her again when I received a cancer diagnosis. Immediately, Mary worked with me on a plan for energy therapy around the diagnosis and developed customized guided imagery meditations for me to listen to during surgery and chemotherapy.

 Mary’s intuition allowed her to work with me in precise and insightful ways that felt both loving and healing. The result has been chemotherapy with few side effects and a high likelihood of cure. Mary is a very skillful healer.”


Past-Life Regression/Future Life Progression

In these sessions you will discover and access the past or potential incarnations, archetypal patterns, ancestral inheritance, and major influences that are currently at play within your being or a part of your Soul’s path. You will then do an energy healing and alignment process to release what is no longer needed, and step into and inhabit your fuller and more powerful potential. 


Office Only


Sacred Circuits Energy Therapy for Spiritual Recovery

You are not a victim and you are not powerless. You are not lacking in moral character or willpower. In fact, you are most likely very bright, sensitive, and successful.

I have created a program that addresses the part of recovery that that I feel is missing from the current care models:  the power and presence of the Soul within the energy system itself to heal from within.

In these sessions you will:

  • Reprogram the Subconscious
  • Release Feelings, Cravings, and Identities
  • Evolve the Brain:  Nucleus Acumbens, Frontal Lobe, Brain Stem, Spine
  • Transform the Inner Saboteur:  Heal and Evolve “The Drinker”

  • Heal your Body
  • Discover and Live your Higher Potential

Office/75 minutes/$160




“Mary has a unique approach that interweaves many disciplines. In 1993 I was involved in an auto accident that resulted in constant pain, PTSD, and depression. After years of extensive treatment by both traditional medicine and many alternative healing approaches, I was in despair of ever recovering and even considered ending my life. I was in pretty rough shape when I came to Mary.

Her approach has resulted in profound and lasting healing, both physically and emotionally. Mary has opened the door on my path to the wonderful, joyful realization of my True Self. I know of no greater benefit and for this I feel the deepest gratitude. Regardless of the nature of one’s search for healing or personal growth, I recommend Mary with all my heart.”

Elizabeth S.

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