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Personal Healing Sessions

Reiki and Energy Healing, Somatic Energy Therapy, Energy Therapy for Addiction
In-person, Phone, and Virtual

“Mary Preuss facilitates deep healing. She is a master at what she does. The moment I met her I felt completely comfortable, safe, and knew she was there for me. I recommend her to everyone.”

Asia Voight

Somatic Energy Therapy

Intuition and directed presence allow me to carefully tune into you and identify the primary players – childhood trauma, limiting beliefs, lifestyle habits, blocks in your energy system, toxic relationships or environments, lack of purpose etc. — that are keeping you in the cycle of suffering and contributing your anxiety, depression, illness, addiction, or distress.

A somatic, hypnotherapeutic approach allows for these causal circumstances to emerge into the light of awareness where we can see and support the part of you that experienced the original trauma. We then generate a gentle yet profound restructuring of the subconscious and unconscious mind, as well as update the neural maps – the belief systems, and ways of thinking and perceiving that were born from the overwhelming experience.

When healing occurs at this deepest level of self, it then flows outward into all the other levels and dimensions of your being, infusing your new truth into every cell and every tissue. This allows you to fully inhabit yourself with this healthier and more powerful vibrational, emotional, and physical reality.

I’ve seen this approach do absolutely incredible things for people. I’ve seen it set them free.

Sometimes two or three sessions are enough to transform these originating events; depending on the severity or nature of what needs to be addressed, more will be necessary. We will know after the first session what is recommended for you.




“I came to see Mary after a terrible divorce, a move across the country, and a persistent feeling of anxiety, like I couldn’t just relax and be myself. I saw many wonderful therapists over the years, but I still felt an underlying restlessness and sadness that never seemed to go away no matter what I tried. Mary was able to identify the source of these feelings pretty much right away, and helped me to transform them in a way that no one else could.

I feel so much lighter after working with Mary. I always thought I would just have to live with these uncomfortable, nagging feelings, but I now have the experience of just simply not being burdened by them anymore.

I highly recommend Mary if you are looking for someone extremely knowledgeable, tuned-in, and skilled, who’s also just a warm and wonderful person.”

Isabelle C.

Reiki and Energy Healing

Reiki Healing is beneficial for a host of life’s challenges… stress, anxiety, depression, illness. Whether your reason is physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual, know that when you climb on the table that you are entering sacred territory.

As you relax and surrender, you will become gently aware of a feeling of warm and loving support enveloping you and infusing every cell of your being. A deep and eternal wisdom will start to seep into your consciousness, and into every tissue, organ, system and layer of your Being.  Opening, expanding, harmonizing, elevating. Bringing the Light of the Most High into You for Your Highest Good.

60 minutes/$160

75 minutes/$200


“Mary’s insight and skills have benefited me several times over the last few years. Recently I contacted her again when I received a cancer diagnosis. Immediately, Mary worked with me on a plan for energy therapy around the diagnosis and developed customized guided imagery meditations for me to listen to during surgery and chemotherapy.

 Mary’s intuition allowed her to work with me in precise and insightful ways that felt both loving and healing. The result has been chemotherapy with few side effects and a high likelihood of cure. Mary is a very skillful healer.”


Energy Healing for Addiction

You are not a victim and you are not powerless. You are not lacking in moral character or willpower. In fact, you are most likely very bright, sensitive and successful.

It’s generally accepted that it is the very rare person who can successfully quit alone. The vast majority of us need help, lots of it. And structure. Lots of it.

What I have found though, is that we also need a way to manage the tumultuous adjustment that our energy system – our body, mind, emotions, and spirit – transitions through when the offending substance is taken away.

I have created a program that addresses the parts of recovery that that I feel are missing from the current care models. These deeply personal energy therapy processes provide immediate and direct connection to your higher stream of consciousness which meets you right where you are and guides you to a better-feeling place. A healing place.

Because addiction hijacks all of you:  your mind, body, emotion, and spirit, we need a mind-body-emotion-spirit solution.

You don’t have to do this alone. Let your Higher Self help you.

A sample program might look like this:

Session 1 — Reprogram the Subconscious

Session 2 — Releasing:  Feelings, Cravings, Identities

Session 3 — Evolve the Brain:  Nucleus Acumbens, Frontal Lobe, Brain Stem, Spine

Session 4 — Identify and transform the places where you get small, numb out, lose yourself, or recede into the background; take back your power.

Session 5 — Energy Healing: Listen to what your body wants you to be aware of; release patterns of tension, resistance or withholding.

Session 6 —  Address and release any ancestral or familial patterns that are unconsciously driving you.

Session 7 —  Evolve your inner saboteur, critic or judge, the parts of you that beat you up, keep you in patterns of shame, or prevent your evolution.

Session 8 — Energy Healing: Move into states of expanded, relaxed reception and open to what your Inner Being would like to communicate to you.

Session 9 — Bring to light and heal those parts of yourself that you experience as unloved or unlovable.

Session 10 —  Identify and release core limiting operating systems, such as I don’t fit in, I’m not worthy, I’m not enough.

Session 11 — Connect more fully with your passion and purpose in this lifetime; identify the path to making it a reality.

Session 12 —  Address any relationships that need healing; attract empowering new companions into your life.

60 minutes/$160

75 minutes/$200


“Mary has a unique approach that interweaves many disciplines. In 1993 I was involved in an auto accident that resulted in constant pain, PTSD, and depression. After years of extensive treatment by both traditional medicine and many alternative healing approaches, I was in despair of ever recovering and even considered ending my life. I was in pretty rough shape when I came to Mary.

Her approach has resulted in profound and lasting healing, both physically and emotionally. Mary has opened the door on my path to the wonderful, joyful realization of my True Self. I know of no greater benefit and for this I feel the deepest gratitude. Regardless of the nature of one’s search for healing or personal growth, I recommend Mary with all my heart.”

Elizabeth S.

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