Summer 2024 Reiki Training Program in Madison, WI

May 18, June 15, July 13, Aug 10, 2024
10 am–5:30 pm

This comprehensive, hands-on program provides an in-depth energy medicine curriculum that delves into the bioelectromagnetic system and how it functions. Participants will gain an understanding of the science behind energy therapies, including quantum theory, neuropeptides, emotional storage in the body, and how our “biography becomes our biology.” You will gain an understanding of the energetic nature of our universe and your own physical/energetic self to provide a fuller context in which to explore and practice Reiki.

Emphasis is placed on energy anatomy and function, personal alignment, boundaries, intention, hands-on practice, intuitive development, and personal and professional integrity so that each participant feels completely comfortable and confident in their skills.

Please see full class description and more information below.

Tuition is $995, including book and materials.



Reiki Training Program in Madison, WI

For Personal and Professional Growth

Emphasis is placed on energy anatomy and function, personal alignment, boundaries, intention, hands-on practice, intuitive development, and professional integrity so that each participant feels completely comfortable and confident in their skills. This program is a Practitioner training only, culminating in the Reiki Master Practitioner level, and does not provide certification to teach.

Mary uses her own book, Reiki in Evolution:  Transforming an Ancient Healing System into Contempory Energy Medicine for this program. Mary has trained hundreds of people, including physicians, nurses, massage therapists, acupuncturists, animal communicators, athletes, Hospice workers, mothers of special needs children, and a host of other people who want to add it to an existing healing arts practice or just have the best tools available for their own or a loved one’s self-care.

Training Dates

Reiki Level I       Saturday, May 18, 10 am–5:30 pm

Learn the fundamentals of energy, the history of the Usual System, and the Reiki Principles and Precepts. Do healing work with your physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies, and awaken more fully to your purpose in this lifetime. Do a guided meditation to travel through your body and energy field, clear your chakras, and meet the Grand Masters of Reiki who will help you heal something specific in your life, and provide guidance to you for your unique path with Reiki.

Receive your first Initiation, an energetic process that elevates your personal frequency and opens you as a channel to the divine energy known as Reiki.

Learn hand positions, table treatments, self-treatments, the chakra and endocrine systems, the Reiki Code of Ethics, proper posture for table treatments, sweeping, opening and closing your connection, creating ideal environments for your healing work, and maintaining your own center or Core Energy while working with a client.

Protocols for Level I Self-Treatment, Mini Session and Full Table session are provided and practiced. Your Reiki I Initiation begins a 21-day clearing process of the seven major chakras. Reiki I is experiential and you’ll discover its many applications to daily life. A very comprehensive course.

Reiki Level II       Saturday, June 15, 10 am–5:30 pm

While Reiki I is about working with what is front of you, in Reiki level II, you will broaden your scope to work with people, places and situations that may or may not be right in front of you.

Learn about the quantum hologram and the universal lattice or matrix that serves as the “distribution system” for the Reiki energy and provides the foundation for distance work.

Learn how to “scan” the body and energy field, and how to use three of the four traditional Usui symbols, which allow you to “connect and go to the cause,” “heal mentally and emotionally,” and “restore power.” Apply these symbols in distance healing sessions and table treatments, and manifesting personal goals.

Learn the ethics of distance energy work, and how to ask “permission” from another person to perform energy work. Protocols for Level II Self Treatment, Mini Session, Distance Session and Table Session are provided and practiced.

Receive your second Initiation, further elevating your personal frequency, and squaring the amount of energy available to you from Level I. Your hands and palms are attuned which creates a quantum leap in awareness and intuitiveness, and your ability to feel energy. This process kick-starts another 21-day clearing of your chakras.

Reiki Advanced       Saturday, July 13, 10 am–5:30 pm

This class focuses on developing three distinct areas of your practice: Self-Awareness: being fully present; listening; grounding and stabilizing your own energy field; and the importance of boundaries as a healer.

Advanced Client Treatment Techniques. Learn how to tune into and bring balance to specific organs, muscles, and systems of the body and address issues such as depression and anxiety. Understand how beliefs affect biology. Emphasis is placed on developing intuitive skill, listening, and interpreting perceptions.

Marketing and Business Practices: ethics, boundaries, “trades,” business structure; pricing; advertising; networking. Protocols for Advanced Self-treatment, Mini Session, Distance Session and Table Session are provided and practiced.

Reiki Master Practitioner        Saturday, Aug 10, 10 am–5:30 pm

As a Master you are completely opened to the Reiki Ray, and the energy channeled through you is again squared. Do a guided meditation to travel through, heal and evolve your body. Receive a cellular transmission of three attributes of mastery that you choose to embody in your life, your Reiki Master robe, and Crown of Light from the Grand Masters of Reiki.

You will create your own personal Mission Statement and give intent to join your consciousness with the Loving Embodiment of Reiki World Service. You’ll learn to work with the Master Symbol, and advanced techniques for clearing organs and chakras.

Receive your final Attunement to expand and align you with the Reiki Mastership, and begin another 21-day clearing process of the seven major chakras. Protocols for Master Level Self-Treatment, Distance Session, Mini Session and Table Session are provided and practiced. Participants receive a Certificate as a Reiki Master Practitioner in the Usui System of Natural Healing form The Magnificent Living Institute at the completion of the training.

Recommended personal attributes of the individual who enrolls in this Program:

  • You are interested in delving into your electromagnetic nature and experiencing firsthand the mysteries of your being and what is possible for you.
  • You want to live a leading-edge life and manifest your purpose in the world.
  • You want to learn how to manage and direct your energy, emotion, and experience.
  • You are ready to assume full responsibility for yourself, your actions, beliefs, story, focus, follow-through, lifestyle, and finances.
  • You would like to offer yourself and others the opportunity for increased self-awareness, expansion, balance, elevation, integration, and empowerment.
  • You want to feel good and you want to provide the opportunity for others to feel good.
  • You are not interested in drama, struggle, or pushing against life.
  • Your heart is telling you that, “Yes this is the path for me! This sounds perfect for me!”

What I will bring to this experience:

  • A safe, comfortable, supportive, relaxed environment.
  • Guided meditations that allow you to deeply explore your energy system and consciousness.
  • Recommended reading to deepen and round out your learning.
  • Book and handouts that cover the material from class.
  • Additional resources for you to follow up with on your own if you are interested.
  • My commitment to uplift, encourage and inspire you.
  • 30 years of experience recognizing the gifts of each individual student and encouraging them to make the work their own.



How Do I Learn Reiki?

You learn Reiki by finding a reputable, experienced teacher who guides you in person through the experience of exploring and mastering what it means to become an energy healer.

I have seen lots of people claiming to “teach” Reiki on-line. Would you want to go to a doctor that learned how to practice medicine on-line?

How Do I Find a Qualified Reiki Teacher?

This is perhaps one of the most important questions that someone wanting to learn Reiki can ask, as not all Reiki Teachers are created equal. There are tremendous differences from person to person, and lineage to lineage.

The most important things to look for are:

  • How long has that person been teaching Reiki?
  • What other experience with energy therapy do they have?
  • Do they use their own materials? If not, what materials do they use?
  • What is covered in the training?
  • How many students have they taught?
  • How many people are typically in the class?
  • How is the class structured?
  • Is the teacher available to support the student during and after the training?

How Long Does it Take to Learn Reiki?

I teach my Reiki training over the course of four months. In addition to the class time, each student has self-sessions and homework to practice in-between each class. The students schedule practice sessions to work on each other, as well as on friends and family, and eventually on paying clients if that is the intent of the student. At the end of four months, the student can proceed to the EMF Balancing classes as the next step, or to work independently in an Energy Mentoring program with Mary.

What is a Reiki Attunement?

The attunement process is a ritualized event where the Reiki Teacher through a series of specific breathing techniques and intentional energetic alignments, becomes a container or vessel for the Reiki Energy.

The Reiki Teacher infuses specific sequence of Reiki symbols into the energy system and chakras of the student. These symbols act as catalysts for an opening and transformation to occur. Reiki then flows to the student, and begins a conscious collaboration of evolution. In order to hold more of the higher frequencies of Reiki that are now available to us, we need to create the space for that to happen.

The attunements I use are vibrationally expanded and amended to reflect the broadened scope of the energy stream of Reiki within the larger context of the Universal Lattice or Matrix. Each attunement is specific to the class level and the scope of the material covered.

A Word about "Mastery"

Mastery:  Just what is it?

When I first became a Reiki Master, my best friend was in graduate school getting her PhD in Psychology. When I told her that I was going to a class to become a Reiki Master, she scoffed at me, and told me in no uncertain terms that she thought it was ridiculous that I could go to a one-day workshop and magically become a “master” at anything.

I felt a little embarrassed at this, because quite frankly, I agreed with her. The more I thought about it, the more ludicrous it sounded. How on earth was I supposed to become a “Master” in one day?

What I of course have come to realize since is that mastery is not so much an arrival at a destination, nor is it a certificate hanging on my wall. Mastery is a practice that we commit to every day.

When someone becomes a Reiki Master, they are committing to the embodiment of two expressions of Mastery:  personal and professional.

Personal mastery is about mastering our emotions, our intentions, our energy, our habits and choices, our responses in challenging situations. It’s noticing and transforming our patterns of thought, judgments and the stories we tell about ourselves and others.

It is taking complete responsibility for yourself and your life.

Professional mastery is about committing to staying on a path of growth and learning. It’s making sure that you have a mentor to turn to when you have doubts or questions or a challenge that you don’t know quite how to handle.

It’s handling yourself with integrity and honesty. Not taking yourself too seriously. Making sure that you are walking your talk and taking excellent care of yourself. Not sweating the small stuff. Communicating clearly, honestly, and consciously. Not letting yourself burn out. Keeping your client’s confidential information confidential. Having good boundaries in place with your clients.

It’s asking for help when you need it and recognizing when you’re in above your head or you need more training. It’s having a healthy balance of self-esteem and confidence, without needing to toot your own horn too loudly.

A Reiki Master strives to live in the world of cause, rather than effect. This means not to blame anyone else, including the government, your upbringing, your mate, or the planet’s alignment at your birth, for your lot in life.

It’s to be a creator. Not a reactor.

The words “creator” and “reactor” are composed of the same six letters, the “c” is just in a slightly different order. How do you “c” the world?

Master vs Master Teacher?

Why do some Masters teach and others not?

Teachers of different lineages of Reiki will provide varied answers to that question.

My answer is that being a practitioner and being a teacher are two entirely different roles, and it is my opinion that the skills and experience necessary to be an effective teacher are not transferred to someone else in one day or in a weekend workshop. That is the biggest drawback with traditional Reiki that I see today.

I have been working with Reiki since 1994 — over 24 years at the time I’m writing this, and the material and experience that I bring to my classes goes far beyond traditional Usui Reiki. The energy of planet earth – and likewise our evolving personal, physical and energetic systems — is vastly different today than it was in 1870, when Dr Mikao Usui is credited with re-discovering Reiki and bringing it back to the earth plane.

While I honor and respect those who have come before me, my intention with my book and classes is to now bring Reiki into the 21st century; to update its function, mechanics and scope so that it may be understood and utilized in ways that are more appropriate for who we are and the challenges that we face today.

Years of study and practice have gone into my curriculum. I continue to update and amend the material based on what I experience with each set of students that I work with, and with my own personal experience with clients.  I have structured the classes in such a way that each student may gain the greatest benefit from each class. Hands-on practice is the best way to develop confidence in yourself and get the feedback you need to trust what you are doing.

Some lineages of Reiki recognize only the single Master Level; this means that the Master has all the attunements in Reiki, and has received the instruction to attune others to Reiki. Others have split the Master class into two levels: Master Practitioner and Master Teacher. For me this makes more sense. Not everyone wants to teach, and not everyone is called to teach.

If you are feeling called to become a Reiki Master, please do your due diligence, ask questions, trust your gut.


“I have received the most exquisite gift imaginable of a deep understanding of -who- I am and -why- I am here, along with an undeniable faith that my Higher Self will never misguide me. I have never been so filled with serendipity, self-love, peace, and trust. I know that there is no going back. I have arrived and am beyond excited to experience everything that is yet to come!

I am so grateful that I didn’t question my calling to pursue Reiki with Mary’s extraordinary guidance because I am finally becoming the person that I have always dreamt of being! I never imagined my life would experience such a dramatic change for the better.”

Angie Thostrup, Madison, WI

“Mary’s Reiki Training Program was life-changing for me.  I signed up for her classes, planning to use Reiki as part of my volunteer commitment in hospice-care.  I was amazed to discover how beneficial this training would be for my own self and my spiritual journey.  I learned so much about who I am and what makes me tick.  I can feel the Reiki energy “crackling” in my fingertips and I now use that energy to calm my anxiety, to ease physical discomfort, and to help others with those same issues.  Mary shines as a Reiki Master and teacher; she exudes peace, grace, and positive reinforcement. Make the leap and take the class.  You won’t regret it!”

— Betsy Hagens, Madison, WI

“Mary is a leading edge practitioner and a great teacher who fosters a sense of comfort, security and approachability in her classes. She takes the time to make sure that I “get” the material presented, and makes herself available to answer questions that come up, whether directly or indirectly related to the class material. I leave class feeling comfortable with what I learned, and excited to use in my own practice. I highly recommend Mary’s classes.”

~ Candace Rabe, R.N., Dean Care, Madison, WI

“Mary’s Reiki classes were the most amazing experience of my entire life. I started as a complete beginner — with no experience at all — and moved through the classes with complete success. It’s a life-altering experience. I feel blessed to be part of it, and I can’t thank you enough, Mary, for showing me the way.”

~ Amy J. Pikalek, Director of Communications and Marketing, University of Wisconsin-Extension, Madison

“I came to Mary’s training when I realized that I was here to heal myself, but just how deep and profound the healing would be, I did not know.

Quite literally my whole life has shifted. I recovered memories from my past, my perspective of my story has shifted. I have released what no longer serves me and been filled with love and light. My business has grown, I own a new perfect home, my closest relationships have evolved and I have found my best friend. Most important, I have recognized that I am the woman I’ve always wanted to be: centered, connected, strong, intuitive, radiant and beautiful.

Mary has been such gift to me. Her facilitation has been flawless. The space she holds allowed each of us to step deeper into our centers, creating a sacred bond of support that is safe, nurturing and whole. Mary is a magnificent gift and I honor her.”

~ Bree Schenkel, Owner, Deep Pilates, Madison, WI

“Mary is a loving and attuned teacher who creates a clear space for learning, growing, and connecting. She is also highly skilled and knowledgeable and has a wealth of experience, all of which I was enriched by as her student. I received much more than I expected from these classes. Those of us who shared the classes formed a deep bond; we were using Reiki in ways far more advanced than any of us had expected or even hoped for, and we were left with a sense of both great achievement and greater potential waiting for us to go forth and fulfill.”

~Liz Zélandais, Madison, WI

“For many years I have been interested in taking Reiki classes. I read all the books and websites of different teachers. I wanted my experience to be with the right teacher, the right lineage. When I walked in from the start I knew this was the place I would find my answers.

Mary has extensive knowledge in so many areas, and the joy she showed, sharing our experience, was carried over with the group. Mary is beyond anything I had hoped for, and I found much more than I ever expected in her classes.”

~ Barb Riffle, Owner, Synergistic Bodywork, Madison, WI

“This program changed my life. The confidence and knowledge I gained exceeded my expectations. Mary is a top rate teacher and the support and energy that she brings to each class is inspirational. She taught me that if I transform within then I can make an impact on the world as I know it. I am very grateful to Mary.”

~ Cheryl Kelley, Madison, WI

“This program was absolutely amazing and right on with what I was hoping to accomplish. WOW. I cannot find words to explain the shift in consciousness and perception I have attained. It’s like I’ve entered a whole new dimension.

Mary holds such a powerful, powerful space — full of love, light and empowerment. She brings in such wisdom and knowledge from all her years of learning and training and experience. The more I get to know her, the more I am utterly amazed at all that she is. Thank you so much, Mary, for sharing who you are and giving me the opportunity to transform my life.”

~ Tara Dalka, United States of America Snowboard Association Medalist