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The Magnificent Living Institute

Somatic Energy Therapy, Reiki and Energy Healing, 
Spiritual Development


Sessions, Classes, and Trainings; In-person and Virtual



Hello and Welcome.

Perhaps you’re looking for relief from anxiety, depression, or emotional gridlock. Maybe you’re tired of being on the miserable hamster wheel of addiction. Perhaps you’ve tried traditional approaches that haven’t quite cut it.

If you’re wondering if this is the place you will find the Spiritual Foundation, Peace, and Ease

that you seek,

the answer is yes. 

Hi, I’m Mary.

Through my Somatic Energy Therapy, Reiki and Energy Healing, and Spiritual Development Programs, you will:

  • Heal and evolve emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually;
  • Get sustained relief from anxiety, depression, and fatigue — the triumvirate of our times;
  • Experience the genuine peace, confidence, and ease that is the natural outcome of aligning with your Higher Self.

What I Do

With 30 years of training, practice, and experience, I specialize in identifying and releasing what keeps you from being Who-You-Really-Are at every level of your being. Unprocessed emotion and experience, faulty beliefs systems, and childhood trauma can take up a lot of space in us. If you’re ready to be done with that, I am ready for you.

Reiki and Energy Healing Sessions

If you’re exhausted or burned out, dealing with chronic pain or illness, or just feel blocked or disconnected from yourself, these healing sessions open the channels to allow the Flow of Who-You-Really-Are to envelop you in relief, comfort and well-being, fill you with peace, wisdom and clarity, and tend to you at every level of your being for your Highest Good.


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Transformational Reiki Practitioner Training

Next Series Begins May 18, 2024

Whether you desire the information and tools to heal yourself, or you aspire to become a successful Reiki Healing Therapist and help others, this comprehensive, hands-on program provides an in-depth energy medicine curriculum that delves into the bio-electromagnetic system and how it functions.

Emphasis is placed on hands-on practice, personal alignment, intuitive development, and professional integrity so that each participant feels completely comfortable and confident in their skills.



Somatic Energy Therapy

“The issues are in your tissues.”

These hybrid sessions are a co-creative, collaborative process that allows us to locate, process, and release stored experiences in the body. We go to the root cause of your distress, address and transform the mental and emotional impact from it, and reclaim your power and spirit from the event so that you may be free of its defining imprint on you. You will bring home, heal, and evolve the part(s) of you that receded, gave up, or lost their voice.

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“Mary works a magic that must be experienced firsthand. She has a knack for presenting sophisticated concepts clearly and then taking that foundation to a new, cosmic level of understanding and synthesis. From studying Reiki under her, to private sessions, to participating in many meaningful and memorable workshops, I just keep coming back! I am grateful for the opportunity I’ve had under her wing to expand my inner horizons, while being of service to the greater good.”

Laurie Mullen
Founder, Turn Around Teen, Madison, WI

“Whether it’s training, a personal session or a workshop, her enthusiasm, love and tremendous knowledge is apparent. Everything I’ve attended became a wonderful and exciting experience for me.”

Colleen Shannon
Reiki Master & EMF Balancing Technique® Practitioner, Elmhurst, IL

“Mary is amazing. I had such a wonderful experience in her classes. Mary radiates love and is passionate about her work, and that enthusiasm transfers in her teachings and to her students. There are not enough words to describe how much I enjoyed Mary as an instructor and as a person, or how much I was able to gain from her and the classes. I recommend Mary to anyone — no matter what level you are on in your spiritual journey.”

Natascha Malkemes
Reiki Master, Milwaukee, WI

“I highly recommend Mary for her meditation classes, one-on-one sessions, or any of the many different series she offers. Mary’s gifts and skill have provided me with new insights into who I am and my place and role in this world, and I now feel confident and filled with anticipation about what’s next.”

Michael Dix
Owner, Michael's Frozen Custard

“Awesome classes. Fantastic sessions. Everything that Mary has taught me guided me in making positive changes in my life. She is an incredible teacher who is fun and extremely knowledgeable. I have successfully used her CDs for meditation, stress reduction and healing myself, family and friends. Mary’s voice, intuitive feeling and timing make her CDs some of the best on the market.”

Jane M.
4th Grade Teacher

“I highly recommend Staying in the Flow monthly meditation group to anyone wishing to access their inner wisdom, experience greater states of awareness, and feel absolutely fabulous. Mary’s soothing and amazing voice and ability to connect with expanded states of consciousness is unparalleled in my book. She has the ability take me to places inside myself that I didn’t know existed and simply cannot reach on my own. I love coming here and my only wish is that it happened more than once a month!”

Sarah B.

“Mary is a loving and attuned teacher who creates a clear space for learning, growing, and connecting. She is also highly skilled and knowledgeable and has a wealth of experience, all of which I was enriched by as her student. Those of us who shared the classes formed a deep bond, we were using Reiki in ways far more advanced than any of us had expected or even hoped for, and we were left with a sense of both great achievement and greater potential waiting for us to go forth and fulfill.”

Liz Zélandais
Madison, WI

“I came to the Practitioner of Energetic Arts training when I realized that I was here to heal myself, but just how deep and profound the healing would be, I did not know.
Quite literally my whole life has shifted. I recovered memories from my past, my perspective of my story has shifted, I have released what no longer serves me, my business has grown, and my closest relationships have evolved. Most important, I have recognized that I am the woman I’ve always wanted to be: centered, connected, strong, intuitive, radiant and beautiful. Mary has been such gift to me. Her facilitation has been flawless. The space she holds allowed each of us to step deeper into our centers, creating a sacred bond of support that is safe, nurturing and whole. Mary is a magnificent gift and I honor her.”

Bree Schenkel
Owner, Deep Pilates

“Mary is a leading edge practitioner and a great teacher who fosters a sense of comfort, security and approachability in her classes. She takes the time to make sure that I “get” the material presented, and makes herself available to answer questions that come up, whether directly or indirectly related to the class material. I leave class feeling comfortable with what I learned, and excited to use in my own practice. I highly recommend Mary’s classes.”

Candace Rabe
R.N., Dean Care, Madison, WI

Meditation and Spiritual Development

Meditation is the most important personal practice that you can cultivate because it is the quintessential tool to release resistant thought, align your energy, and connect to your higher consciousness.

I’ve recorded nine guided meditation CDs and programs, and countless customized meditation practices for individuals who want to shift their focus away from what they don’t want and on to what they do.

All of my work emerges from the gifts of this practice.

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Energy Therapy for Addiction

You are not a victim and you are not powerless. You are not lacking in moral character or willpower. In fact, you are most likely smart, sensitive, and wonderful.

In these energy therapy sessions, we will align your conscious and sub-conscious mind so that you are completely congruent with yourself and your intention to be free of alcohol.

We will work with the parts of your brain that have been hijacked by alcohol:  the nucleus accumbens, involved in dopamine reception and distribution — and your pre-frontal cortex, your higher functioning, planning, and decision-making center — to create new pathways and neural networks.

We will unplug your circuits from the addictive behavior and plug them instead into your LIFE. Into who you are without drinking. To put you back in touch with freedom, spaciousness, power, energy —  and yes, even happiness.

In these sessions you will:

  • Learn how to Process and Release Cravings, Feelings, Identities
  • Reprogram the Subconscious
  • Heal and Evolve Your Brain
  • Transform the Inner Saboteur:  evolve the part of you who first started drinking and the part that still wants to drink
  • Heal your Body
  • Balance your Chakras and Energy Field
  • Connect to your Highest Potential Self



We are at a pivotal time in our evolution where the traditional ways of healing and navigating our lives are shifting. Established societal institutions and hierarchical spiritual models are crumbling before our eyes. Our brains and nervous systems were not designed to process the constant onslaught of distractions and technology that surrounds us.

We can adapt, and we must. We can create new neural maps and new ways of intentionally collaborating with the larger forces of change that are upon us. We can consciously rewire our brain circuitry and energy systems to move into a higher octave of ourselves.

All of my work is designed to do just that.


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