Cultivating Joy

To live a happy, healthy, productive life it is essential not only to be able to stabilize yourself during these turbulent times, but also to be able to generate higher emotional/vibrational states so that you are less influenced by other people or any chaos going on around you or in the world.

These meditations help you to consciously create higher vibrational states so that you can elevate your vibration at will. As I tell my clients, self-care and self-responsibility are no longer just good ideas. They are a necessity for life on planet earth in the 21st century!

1. From the Heart 17:30 

Work with the energy of gratitude and the wisdom of your heart to elevate, expand and stabilize yourself physically and energetically. Move into states of spaciousness and coherence to experience greatly expanded states of awareness.

2. The Path to Ecstasy 14:30

Work with “the secret channel,” to move specific energies up through your spine into your crown chakra. Employ the inner technologies of emotion and sacred geometry to move up the vibrational scale and expand your consciousness.

3. A Lattice of Gratitude 19:45

Activate the posture of Core Energy, the “Now” and your largest primary open circuit to the Cosmic Lattice. Work with the circuitry of your Universal Calibration Lattice to infuse your potential with joy.

4. Flowing Source 13:50

Balance and elevate your chakras with breath and color; open to receive many high frequencies of light and energy that will help you increase your ability to receive the abundance of the universe.


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About Magnificent Meditations

The benefits of meditation are plentiful: it reduces stress and anxiety, promotes emotional health, enhances self-awareness, lengthens attention span, reduces memory loss, generates kindness, helps fight addiction, and increases brain function. It just makes us feel a whole lot better.

Neuroscience shows us that when we meditate, intentionally running specific scenarios through our frontal lobe, we assemble new neural nets to fire in different sequences, combinations and patterns, thus creating a new level of mind.

The repetitive firing and wiring of these new neural networks makes stronger, more lasting synaptic connections that create the new experience. In other words, what you focus on through repetition is what you create.

Mary’s meditation CDs help you release stress, connect to your Inner Being, balance and align your energy, create health, explore your inner realms, evolve your consciousness, and feel really good.

Each CD may be purchased for $18 as a digital download in MP3 format.

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