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Hypnotherapy Treatment for Anxiety

Experiencing anxiety is utterly miserable — jittery, on edge, and unable to relax. Having to spend every ounce of your energy just “getting through it” and pretending as if everything is okay. It’s excruciating and exhausting.

The good news is that my healing and hypnotherapy treatments for anxiety can help.

Anxiety is our body’s emergency response mechanism — the physical alarm bell that our automatic nervous system uses to warn us about possible danger. It is the manifestation of our subconscious mind going into protection mode. Hard to fathom, but anxiety is actually part of our genetic instinct for self-preservation, our body’s way of keeping us safe.

When a thought or situation triggers our nervous system, it initiates the “fight or flight” response which prompts us to either stay and face the danger or to flee from it.

Anxiety symptoms can range from mild — butterflies in the stomach — to far more severe — shaking, racing heart, hot flushes, chest pains, difficulty breathing, dizziness, nausea, and feeling ‘unreal’ in the company of others.

Often, it is situations in which we feel out of control or uncertain which cause us the most anxiety – presentations or public speaking, exams or tests, social functions or media, finances, or life transitions.

Anxiety can also be the manifestation of a trauma earlier in life – something which we may not consciously recognize as influencing our emotional well-being. In some cases, this trauma has had such a significant impact on us that our very well-intending subconscious has hidden it from our conscious mind.

Severe anxiety occurs when these situations exist for an extended period of time without being addressed, or when we become fearful of the anxiety itself. This can trigger a vicious circle where the fear of anxiety leads to more intense physical symptoms, thus creating more fear and progressively more acute bodily reactions. And unfortunately, in the process the brain comes to accept this elevated state of anxiety as normal. Lather, rinse, repeat.

My hypnotherapy sessions uncover and heal the root causes of your anxiety, and clear your subconscious of the negative beliefs that drive your anxious state and thoughts. You will start to experience a calm stability, presence, and a relaxed detachment to the situations or experiences that, until now, have triggered you — if you even experience them at all.

These non-invasive sessions occur at a pace that is comfortable for you, that ensures your lasting relief.

Please feel free to get in touch with me for more information about hypnotherapy for anxiety.