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Wherever Two or More are Gathered…

Transpersonal Healing and Counseling by Mary Preuss.

As a healing method, the physical benefits of Reiki are first and foremost stress reduction. A stressed body does not heal, and a body that lives in prolonged states of stress will start to decline because it is not getting the basic nourishment it needs at a cellular level. Once the body moves into a state of relaxation, there is an innate reorganization that takes place that is highly beneficial to all aspects of a human being.

The emotional and psychological benefits from a Reiki session include peace of mind, clarity, detachment, increased awareness, presence, calm, a broader perspective, sense of connectedness, stillness, expansion, decreased anxiety, increased sense of overall well-being, energetic alignment, balance, groundedness, stability, and openness to higher wisdom.

 My personal philosophy is that Reiki is a conscious, living flow of benevolence that knows just where to go and what to do. An intelligent stream of energy that is here to support and guide your personal evolution, and the evolution of all of Life.

I hesitate to call it just “Reiki,” because somehow that doesn’t give it enough credit or magnitude for the depth of transformation I have seen it create for all kinds of people. And also because I have experienced over the years a shift in the way Reiki feels and functions as it works through me with others.

I’ve always liked the adage, “wherever two or more are gathered, there I AM in the midst of them.” Reiki sessions are very much like that. When we invite the divine energy known as Reiki to join with us on your behalf, it is a highly co-creative, collaborative experience that makes all kinds of things possible, because the Whole is greater than the sums of its parts.

People come to receive Reiki sessions for all kinds of reasons:  stress relief, anxiety, depression, a “bad back,” infertility, digestive issues, or migraines. Whatever your reason is to receive Reiki, know that when you climb on the table that you are entering sacred territory. You are now held in the palm of the Divine, and the Energy that Creates and Sustains Life is now here, focused with you and on You, and what is best for you.