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Meditation Classes in Madison, WI

How do we find our balance in the collective insanity and radical instability of our current Society?

By controlling our own thoughts. By taking one deep, life-giving breath at a time. By connecting to the stream of our own essential nature, and sitting in the seat of our own deeply aligned, powerful Self.

And absolutely the first step to accomplishing that is meditation. A regular meditation practice is singularly the most important thing you can do to calm your mind, change your brain state, improve your immune function, lower your blood pressure, sleep better, relax and heal your body, stabilize your life, and elevate just about every facet of your experience.

As human beings we are daily assaulted by streams of bad news, potential threats, and uncertainty about our planet, health care, and financial stability, among many other things.

On top of these larger existential and societal threats most of us have personal sources of stress:  college exams and endless images of “perfection” on social media for the younger among us; addiction, job insecurity, or health crises for some; caring for or losing loved ones for others.

These kinds of continuous threats to our security and mental and emotional well-being cause stress. And not just a little stress. A lot of stress. And we know for sure that stress is not good for us.

Unmitigated stress causes anxiety, depression, burnout, addiction, suppressed immune function, heart attacks, high blood pressure, strokes, and the list goes on and on.

And it ensures that that we don’t have a chance to change our circumstances unless we have the deliberate intention and consciously create the space to do so.

This is where meditation steps in to help. When you quiet your mind, you release thought. When you release thought, you release resistance.

When you release resistance, you allow more of who you really are to be with you and support you. Essentially your vibration raises and your consciousness expands.

When your consciousness expands, all kinds of higher perception, experience, and wisdom become available to you. There is a highly complex, innate reorganization that takes place within your being. This inherent energetic alignment connects you to larger fields of coherent alignment and broader knowing. As well as an incredible sense of peace and well-being.

My particular brand of meditation is to immerse you into your own electromagnetic system, and the personal energetic structures that surround you. Using my voice to guide you, you will engage with specific vibrational alignments, and coherent emotion which allow you to tap into much greater dimensions and expressions of the Self.

I draw from the esoteric practices of Tibetan Buddhism, Egyptian Alchemy, Tantra and Taoism. My gift is the ability to take the essence of these traditions and merge them together through a more accessible Western lens, while still honoring the essential integrity of the practice.

My meditations are highly experiential and allow each participant to tap into and explore states of consciousness that are normally reserved for spiritual adepts or those who devote themselves entirely to such practices.

Each of my meditation classes focus on a different aspect of these timeless traditions, breaking down the complex into incremental, understandable, and absorbable chunks of direct experience that participants can then familiarize themselves with and practice on their own.

It is truly my honor to make these ineffable aspects of our nature accessible; and to provide the practical framework to bridge the temporal and finite to the timeless and transcendent.

It is through these practices that we collectively bring our version of heaven to earth. And it is my belief that we are here on the planet now to be the agents of this change.

Please join me at one of my in-person Meditation Classes in Madison, WI, or virtually via Zoom.