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The Power of a Daily Practice

When I meet with a client for the first time, I explain that our process of working together is generally two-fold:

In session we address the core concerns and issues that are at play, and do the energetic work to transform, unravel or dis-create the current operating systems that are responsible for their present experience. And then it is up to the client to maintain the new operating system that we have created together – to make it the stronger, more practiced, and more familiar way of being.

Having a personal Reiki and meditation practice can help you transform and evolve the parts of yourself and your life that you may not want to see — that rascally little part of ourselves known as the saboteur, the resistor, the one who really doesn’t want to change because it takes too much effort.

And it will certainly help you to create what you do want to see with more finesse and ease.

It is essential to have a Daily Practice of Self Care, where you carve out the time to commune with the larger aspects of who you are for assistance, guidance and support. You don’t have to do it all by yourself!

The difference between those who take the time to line up their energy with their inner beings and those who don’t is the difference between getting behind a car and pushing it and getting into the driver’s seat and turning on the ignition.

Having a Daily Practice allows you to leverage the power of the universe, to align with universal forces that can help pave the way with you and for you. I’m a pragmatist at heart, and tend toward the lazy side, so anything that makes my life easier I’m way into!

There is a scene in the hockey movie Miracle, where the American team is practicing together for one of the first times as the American team. The Coach is having them do sprints and essentially wearing the hell out of them. At the end of each sprint he asks the players, “Who are you and who do you play for?” and each player yells back their name and college team in response.

The sprints continue.

It is an excruciating scene to watch, as the players become more and more exhausted, befuddled, annoyed and angry. At one point a player collapses on the ice vomiting, clearly beyond worn out.

And still the coach asks the same questions and the sprints continue.

Until finally one player gets the gist of the question, and yells defiantly back at the coach, “I am team America!”

With that, the coach says, “Good night fellas, sleep well,” and heads off the ice into the shadows.

The coach wanted the players to understand that in order to up their game, to play at Olympic standards, each person had to give up the idea of their old identity. The new operating system that the coach here was installing was that each player now identified themselves first as the member of a new team, team USA, and then as an individual on that team.

Similarly, the principle behind Reiki is the recognition that you too are part of a team – team Universe. While your partner may be tricky to spot with the naked eye, it is still the backbone of your team, your most trusted coach, your personal band of organizers and advisors, all working on your behalf around the clock.

Reiki will help you to maintain and direct your conscious collaboration with your team. And have a darn good time in the process.